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Psychologists Explain: Why Did Will Smith Slap Chris Rock?

The world cannot stop commenting on it- the moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live on stage at the Oscars!

Even if you didn’t watch the Oscars, you have surely read about it, then google the entire incident, the meaning of the joke Rock made about Jada, then learned about the history of the couple and the history of the Smiths with Rock… It is everywhere, on the news, on social media, on memes…Let’s face it, it was the event of the year, so far!
Now, the Smith team or the Rock team?
Who do you support?

As all humans, we were desperately waiting for a scandal of this kind to happen and make our everyday life more interesting, we delved into the new hot topic we could talk about with our friends!

Never too tired of drama!

Let’s now state the obvious: Chris made a joke about Smith’s wife, and it triggered such a reaction.
Now, let us look at it from a psychological perspective.

The main reason for this is that by understanding the psychology behind such a move, we will understand its importance, the way it applies to our lives, and how it sabotages us in ways we are unaware of, waiting for our greatest hour, to smack us down.
Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock?

Commercials followed the incident, and during the break, Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington approached Will to make sure he is fine and give him a hug.
Later, when taking his Oscar for best actor in a movie, Will confessed that Denzel told him something very important: “At your highest moment, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you.”

First Oscar By Will Smith

This was Smith’s first Oscar ever, and the victory will never be remembered for the insane amount of effort, dedication, and work he put into his art for years, but for him slapping Chris Rock.

Minutes before his highest moment arrived, he tainted it…
Yup, the Devil came for him.
Or, speaking in other terms, his trauma, his pain body, and his suppressed emotions came for him.

Have you ever heard the saying:
“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that it didn’t exist”?
Well, there’s even a greater trick “the devil” pulled on all the world than that.
The term “trauma” is often linked to events like divorce, war, death, and an accident. However, trauma is not the event itself, but it’s the emotions the event produces in us, emotions that are too intense to handle, too overwhelming to be processed by our nervous system. As a result, we end up suppressing them, repressing them, or avoiding them and hiding them deep in our psyche because we cannot deal with them at the moment.

Our perception of the event is what truly matters, not the event itself. For instance, things which are “not a big deal” for adults can be highly traumatic for children, such as being lost in the store or being yelled at by their parents.
The difference between a traumatic event and “not a big deal” lies in the subject affected by the event.

Unfortunately, trauma is common these days. Almost every day, we experience micro-traumas, such as relationship arguments, overwhelming stress, and not meeting deadlines… And we do not fully process these traumas, we try to avoid them with a little help from what suits us, simple distractions, social media, food, alcohol, weed, and the like.

However, the bad side of it all is that these emotions keep piling up, pending to be felt properly, and processed. They do not disappear and do not have an expiration date either.

Such trauma and unprocessed emotions remain with us, and we carry them all around.
Therefore, even a small trigger can sometimes poke these unprocessed emotions, and we blow up, take over, and react!

We do things that we won’t consciously do, things that we will later regret.
And the Devil is here to blame.
So, his greatest trick was not convincing the world that it didn’t exist, but that it actually did!

On the other hand, what hurts our bodies and our life, is the trauma that exists. Trauma sabotages our lives bit by bit, every day.

It has all the time in the world, it goes nowhere.

There are ways to fight it, like books, positive thinking, meditation, mantras, healthy living… But if we leave it unaddressed, trauma will wait for our highest moment, find our weakness, and take over to sabotage us.

It happened to so many people out there, not just to Will.
Nobody is safe from it, it can happen to all of us.
The layer of the pain body.

It’s nothing personal, in fact. Trauma is not our arch enemy. It’s just the way it works, this potent and heavy negative energy waits for our highest hour to hurt us.

Do you know why?

  • Trauma will hijack your subconscious mind and sabotage you, because you threaten its environment.
  • Low vibration energy cannot exist in a high vibration environment.
  • One can try too hard, but still, feel this invisible hand pulling him down.
  • The right way to start fighting it is to go into its layer. Face it all, fearlessly.
  • Step by step.
    It’s easy to say, very hard to do, to be honest, but it is the only way to heal your life.
  • You will never be fully happy and fulfilled unless you deal with all those unprocessed emotions.
  • The chaos needs to be managed, it seeks your attention, and that is why it sabotages you.
  • Its real aim is to grab your attention so you can face it once and for all, not to ruin your life.

Stop avoiding and escaping those pending emotions. They won’t go away if you buy yourself a nice car, jewelry, if you earn a lot of money, if you go on an expensive holiday… If you get an Oscar.

Nope, mate.

Scratch where it scratches. It’s that simple.

Trauma will follow you unless you deal with it.

Let it on the surface, feel it, process it, allow it to come out, and don’t be afraid to suffer… And you will break free. Release it out of your system.

At the moment, I believe Will Smith is in a lot of emotional pain.

He has been with his wife since a very young age, they have gone through a lot together. He loves her, she is his trusted companion, his best friend.

He doesn’t want to lose her.
On the other hand, being in an open marriage is overwhelmingly hard when you love your partner that much. It is just too hard to process, somehow unnatural, to live with the thought that your partner is with other people

Now imagine him strangled between two choices: leaving his wife that he loves so much, or seeing her with other men and being ok with that.

It must be extremely difficult to keep his family together, while the entire world is making fun of you.

This is a lot of trauma energy…I mean, A LOT.
Will has always tried to be the most positive person in the room. This must be very hard and borderline insane to keep being the pillar of positivity while struggling mentally.
He is just a human, and the war inside his brain is surely killing him.
Therefore, when someone he knows for years made a joke of his wife’s sickness publicly, and he saw Jada’s reaction, he simply lost it.
Most likely, the attachment he has with Jada is based on a trauma bond, and if he releases his trauma energy, he might fear that he will let go of the love of his life.
This is hell.

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