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7 Warning Signs of Liver Damage You Should Never Ignore

The effect of an unhealthy lifestyle on the liver
In the frenzy of everyday responsibilities, we sometimes tend to forget to maintain our bodies, which are nonetheless the root of all our accomplishments. This can lead us to ignore some of the annoying signals he is subconsciously sending us to indicate his distress.
The effect of an unhealthy lifestyle on the liver
The liver is a vital organ whose purification and filtering functions are essential to the body. Its role is to get rid of harmful waste and its task is to manage the storage of fats, vitamins, and sugar. When they are not working optimally, it means that some elements are hampering their effectiveness. Apart from diseases or factors that cannot be prevented, being overweight, obesity, regular alcohol consumption, or an unbalanced diet are largely responsible for an unhealthy liver. Combined and excess, they cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, which the liver is no longer able to get rid of.
As Professor Christophe Moktab, general secretary of the French Society of Hepatology, explains to Express, overeating can be harmful to the liver. In addition, diabetes and being overweight are risk factors for fatty liver disease, due to the accumulation of fat around this organ.

Although these symptoms generally appear only at an advanced stage of their functional impairment, it is necessary to know some warning signs in order to act in time and consult a health professional.

Here are the warning signs of a liver problem, identified by hepatologist Patrick Marceline.

1) jaundice
Yellowing of the eyes and skin is the most common sign of liver complications. This yellowish appearance is associated with a defect in the purifying organ that is no longer able to get rid of the bilirubin in the bile. Specifically, bilirubin is a yellow pigment produced through the breakdown of hemoglobin.
2) Feeling of heaviness
The upper abdominal wall is the most sensitive. If you regularly feel pain in the upper abdomen, this may be synonymous with fatty liver disease. This can cause the liver to increase in size and put more pressure on the rib cage as it inflates, putting pressure on the diaphragm and causing discomfort

3) itching
Constant itching and the urge to scratch may indicate a liver disorder. This is due in particular to the build-up of bile acid in the blood which, according to the professor, leads to “small inflammations in the blood vessels and therefore itchy skin”.
4) loss of appetite
Loss of appetite is attributed to several factors whose causes are varied: depression, hormonal imbalances, infections, etc. But in some specific cases, especially if they are frequent and unexplained, they can be a symptom of cirrhosis. In this case, it is necessary to seek the advice of your doctor to determine the source of your discomfort.
5) black stools
Black or tarry stools or blood in vomit (red or black) are signs of liver disease and are a medical emergency that requires immediate consultation. It is often synonymous with obstruction of blood flow from the intestine to the liver.
6) Constant fatigue
Frequent tiredness and loss of enthusiasm even when doing activities that don’t require much energy can be a warning sign that your liver is full of toxins. According to Professor Marcellin, this may be due to liver congestion, hepatitis or hepatic steatosis.

For caution:

If you suspect one or more of these symptoms, feel free to consult a doctor who will be able to assess your health condition to determine the origin of your problems.

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